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San Diego Chargers bring in Packers WR James Jones for a visit

With Stevie Johnson's apparent knee injury, the San Diego Chargers are shopping around for his replacement.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday we went over different receivers the Chargers might sign. None of them were James Jones.

In the wake of his injury you can't really compare Stevie Johnson to James Jones and their production last year, just because Aaron Rodgers and Jones have otherworldly chemistry; but I'm going to try anyway. In short, Jones was a much better player a year ago. He can win downfield, is a master of the back shoulder fade, and can be counted on in tough situations where he has to make a contested catch. As far as metrics go, per football outsiders Jones was ranked 21st inDYAR. Johnson was not in the top 87, Malcom Floyd was 72, and Travis Benjamin 65.

Jones is a solid receiver that will take pressure off of the rest of the group. If he signs(let's be real he who is going to tell Telesco no?) we will take a long look at what he brings to the table. As for now, here are some highlights from Jones a year ago.

What do you think about the possible Jones addition?