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Open Thread: San Diego Chargers vs Arizona Cardinals (Preseason)

Use this open thread to discuss the Chargers second preseason game of 2016.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Chargers will host their first home preseason game this evening as they take on the Arizona Cardinals. This is our first opportunity to see the Chargers play against a quality football team (no, the Titans don't count). We should get some greater clarity on a lot of questions:

  • Is either fullback on the roster prepared to be a starter in the National Football League?
  • Can Dexter McCoil continue to force his way up the depth chart? He looked great last week.
  • Is Melvin Gordon going to shine in Ken Whisenhunt's offense or was last week just one great drive?
  • Can the first team offense sustain their success from a week ago?
  • Will the Chargers defense actually tackle anyone or are we going to get a repeat of the Titans game?

Whose jobs are safe? Who needs to earn a job? Will the Chargers keep four running backs? Five? Six? Will any of the promising young players on the roster make it to the practice squad if they're cut or will they get picked up by another team?