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Preseason Week 2: Who the BFTB staff will be watching on offense

The BFTB staff gives their list of who they’ll be watching on offense tonight against the Arizona Cardinals

NFL: San Diego Chargers-Training Camp Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Continuing from last week, we are going to list the players we are most excited to be watching in tonight’s matchup against the Arizona Cardinals when the Chargers have the ball.

Richard - I'm looking forward to seeing more of Hunter Henry. He's been unbelievably good and I'm really interested to see how he handles this level of competition.

Kyle - I want to see how Barksdale/Dunlap handle Chandler Jones. That should help spring the run game with Gordon if they can contain Jones.

Cody - I know it's the easy choice but I'm really excited to see Tyrell Williams tonight. The hype has been building all through camp and I'm ready to see him in action.

Jeff - I want to see continued progress from Melvin Gordon. In his limited time last week, he did a nice job finishing plays, such as running through tackles on his touchdown receptions and picking his way throw the trash to turn a 1-2 yard gain into a 5-6 yard gain. Playing well against an aggressive defense like the Cardinals would be a nice gauge of progress.

Ruben - Offensively I'm interested to see Travis Benjiman. It will be interesting to see how he fits into the offense. We all know he has the speed, but will that speed be utilized in an effective way under The Whiz? Im sure it will. I just want to see it.

Jamie - Matt Slauson. How does he handle Xavier Williams and the other AZ IOL? Will he be able to recognize and pick up blitzes? How far along is he with line calls or is Philip taking most of that on while he gets acclimated?

Garrett - Orlando Franklin struggled last year, didn't play in the first preseason game and had a rough time in joint practices. He's playing a very good defensive line and I want to see if his pretty good camp (not including this past week) can translate once some real game action begins.

Gennaro - Melvin Gordon has had a strong Training Camp and looked improved during the first preseason game. I’m hoping to get a long look at him this week and see if he can continue showing off some better decision making.

A-A-Ron - I'm most excited to see if Melvin Gordon can build on what he did last week. He averaged 4 yards per carry, looked decisive, and had that 44 yard TD reception. The happiness that I saw on his face made me feel like his motivation has been renewed and we'll see a much better back this year.

Ryan - Looking forward to seeing Donavon Clark. He had a solid game against Tennessee and he is up against a really tough Arizona team. I'm hoping Clark can keep moving up the depth chart and become the first guard option off the bench.

Nathan - All 3 receivers. The Keenan Allen hype machine slowly grows by the day. I'm really excited to see Benjamin in lightning bolts for the first time, and I want to see if the Tyrell Moss show is legit.

Stanley - I am hoping to see Chris Swain get a couple snaps against some better competition tonight, but I will also be watching Watt to see if he can clean up the mistakes he made last week and finish some blocks.

Check back in a bit for the players we’ll be looking at on Defense.