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PODCAST: San Diego Chargers Stadium Debate

John Gennaro debates with Craig Elsten and John Browner on the pros and cons of the San Diego Chargers’ initiative for a downtown stadium.

Qualcomm Stadium

As much as some of the commenters have disliked my regular podcast posts here at BFTB, everyone seems to enjoy the “Casual Friday” podcasts that I’ve been doing along with Craig Elsten and John Browner.

We recorded another one today, which starts with a 10 minute debate about Frank Ocean before going into a 30-ish minute debate about the San Diego Chargers’ plan to build a stadium downtown and the obstacles they are facing (and creating for themselves). Check it out!


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After that conversation, we talked about who we think the Team USA Men’s Basketball team will (eventually) lose to, and John Browner roasted Ryan Lochte for being caught in a lie at the Rio Olympics.

WARNING: You probably don’t want to listen to this podcast at work. Not only is there a lot of cursing, but the cursing is rather loud. Even if you’re listening in your car, you may want to roll the windows up.