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PODCAST: More thoughts from Chargers-Cardinals Tuesday night scrimmage

John Gennaro tells you what he thought of the on-the-field action when the San Diego Chargers took on the Arizona Cardinals in a scrimmage on Tuesday night at Qualcomm Stadium.

San Diego Chargers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

I spent yesterday’s podcast complaining about the lack of fans, compared to my own expectations, at Qualcomm Stadium when the San Diego Chargers held an open scrimmage against the Arizona Cardinals on Tuesday night.

On today’s podcast, I went back and gave you my thoughts of what I actually saw on the field.


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In summary, I was disappointed by what I saw when comparing the Chargers’ talent, organization, and effort level in comparison to what the Cardinals were doing without their Head Coach. It made me seriously doubt the team’s chances for success this season.

That being said, I’ve been wrong before and I’d love to be wrong again. I predicted the 2015 Chargers team to win 12 games last season and they went on to lose 12 instead. I hope that my very amateur and my emotional response to what I saw on the field Tuesday turns out to look just as foolish.

Were you there on Tuesday? Did what you see look different than what I saw? Let me know in the comments below.