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BFTB First Annual Madden Tournament!!!

Do YOU have what it takes to be the champion?

Joey Bosa, Madden 17
Madden NFL 17

First Annual BFTB Readers Madden Tournament

Hello, all! Today as I was reading through the just released reviews of the brand new Madden ’17 which will be released on August 23rd, but you can play a week early (tomorrow) with EA Play, and I had the marvelous idea that we should have a Madden tournament for BFTB readers. Now, there won’t be any prizes, but you will have exclusive bragging rights as the BEST Madden player on BFTB until the next Madden tournament, of course. If there’s enough interest, we can extend these BFTB tournaments/matchups to other games. We here at BFTB love this community, and nothing brings us closer together than some trash talk and some video games.

I realize that there are two main platforms on which Madden is played, the Xbox One, and the PS4. I won’t get into which console is better, but I will be the person in charge of the Xbox One bracket, and our very own Ryan Doyle has graciously volunteered to run the PS4 side of things.

Now the rules will be simple. 5 minute quarters, choose whatever team you’d like (obviously everyone will choose the Powder Blue Chargers), and have fun. I will try to set up a BFTB Twitch account so we can stream our tournament LIVE for all who want to witness. After each game, I will do a write-up analyzing the matchup and looking forward to the next matchup. If anyone else wants to help with that, let me know! It should be a fun time!

Please fill out this google doc with your preferred console and your Gamertag so I can gauge interest. We’ll hold the tournament a few weeks after Madden 17 comes out. If all goes swimmingly, I’ll probably host an online connected franchise league as well if anyone has an interest in it!