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Chargers-Titans: Reviewing the first scoring drive

Jerome Watson breaks down the Chargers’ opening drive of the preseason.

NFL: Preseason-San Diego Chargers at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

1st and 10

Formation: West Right, U-Counter Motion

Personnel: 12

Play: Inside Zone Split

Play notes: Chargers get solid movement up front on the zone. King Dunlap works well in tandem with Kenny Wiggins allowing him to climb to the second level. Hunter Henry, of course, does his job of logging the DE. Melvin Gordon buried his head and the Chargers’ offense 3 yards.

2nd and 7

Formation: Green Right Strong, Z-Test

Personnel: 21

Play: Lead Draw

Play notes: Chargers tackles do a good job of allowing the Titans’ ends to get upfield. The interior lineman get a double on the Titans zero tech. Fluker takes his man where he wanted to go. Hunter Henry seals the CB, Derek Watt makes contact but doesn’t lock. Had he, this would’ve been a layup for Gordon. 28 finished the run well. The best part of this play was seeing Keenan Allen sprint from his position all the way to the middle of the field to cut the safety off. Good teaching point for the young WRs in the Chargers next film session.

3rd and 2

Formation: Gun Normal

Personnel: 11

Play: Draw Right

Play notes: Danny Woodhead on the draw behind a line this big is beautiful. He veers right because he sees 86 has his assignment solidified. All 3 WRs are in perfect stalk block position and all engage. This is how runs like this happen. Woodhead popped up and clapped because he knew it was executed the way it was supposed to.

1st and 10

Formation: Green Right Strong Slot, H-In Motion

Personnel: 22

Play: Counter Right

Play notes: The Counter. The most wonderful play in any playbook. This is well executed as well. You see Sean McGrath climb right to the Mike at the snap and FB Derek Watt kick the DE. Kenny Wiggins and Jeff Cumberland execute on the wrap. Nice thing here is you Melvin Gordon press the gap and bring the defender to Cumberland. Then, once 87 has him picked up, you see 28 with subtle plant and go to get extra yards. Good stuff by him.

2nd and 5

Formation: Green Right

Personnel: 21

Play: Zone Lead (Iso)

Play notes: Holding penalty by Derek Watt.

2nd and 15

Formation: Gun Empty, Trey Left, TB-Short

Personnel: 11

Play: Variation of 3/4 Vertical Concept

Play notes: STACK! The broadcast wouldn’t allow me to see where 13 ended up but to the Trips side Chargers went 3 verts. The Shallow by 39 was a nice decoy as 86 slipped behind on them on the deep drive. If this would’ve been a read call, he could’ve sat down and very much been an option for 17 there. Philip picked the right option to go to Isaiah Burse as that vertical concept stressed the Titans’ Zone. Just slightly high by 17. Incomplete.

3rd and 15

Formation: Empty Left, Move to Trips Left

Personnel: 11

Play: Inverted Drive Concept, X-Dig Tag

Play notes: Titans bail into two deep here. So, 17 waited for Keenan Allen to get into that soft spot on the dig. 17 so dope in the pocket. Check release by 39. Shallow Cross by 9. Clear out by 15. Deep Out by 86.

1st and 10

Formation: West Right Slot, U-Counter Motion

Personnel: 12 (Tiger)

Play: ?????????

Play notes: Whiz, man. Whiz. Think this play is something he drew up based on tendency. It’s a vertical concept. You get a 9 for Keenan Allen. Isaiah Burse gets inside release and is full go at safety to hold him. The TE motion and stay confused the defense and the CB ran with TE on the deep Y-Cross. The play call was beautiful as it cleared that side of the field and left Woodyard in no man’s land. I believe the Titans should’ve had the CB stay once McGrath blocked and had Woodyard run with cross. But Whiz is the better man. Lol. Gordon finishes and finally gets in the tub

Final Notes:

  • San Diego ran 26 times for 115 yards. Good for 4.4 a pop. The best part about that was 20 of those 26 were runs from under center. Also, the Gun Runs weren’t limited to draw plays, Whisenhunt sprinkled in Power as well.
  • The Run Diversity was awesome as well. We saw: Power, Counter, Draw, Iso, Pin and Pull Sweep, Split Zone.