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Chargers place Stevie Johnson and Sean Lissemore on the IR

NFL: Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Stevie Johnson was injured in practice a few weeks ago and underwent surgery to fix his torn meniscus. The announcement was made that he would be missing the season last week, and today the team made that official. However, he isn’t the only veteran going on the IR today.

Sean Lissemore will be joining Stevie on the IR after missing multiple practices last week, and the game on Saturday.

This is annoying. Lissemore hadn’t been playing any snaps with the ones, in fact he had been bouncing between the second and third team units. I had predicted he would be cut, and even suggested the team should try and get what they could in trading him. Now he sits on the IR and takes up $1.75 million in cap space.

I feel bad that he was hurt, but this is a worst case scenario. Now, not only is he using $1.75 mil in cap space (which they would have gotten all back if they released him), he can’t even be used on the field either. Sigh.

Adding both of them to the IR sucks for very different reasons, but I do wish Liss and Stevie speedy recoveries.