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PODCAST: For the love of God, just give Joey Bosa what he wants

The Chargers defense needs help. A lot of help. And it needs playmakers before the start of the regular season. The easy solution to this would be to sign Joey Bosa.

NFL Draft Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

You want to know what I think of the 2016 San Diego Chargers after seeing a handful of practices and now a single preseason game?

I think the Chargers need to sign Joey Bosa. I think they need to sign him now. I think they need to give him whatever he’s asking for or risk having their season derailed by this situation.

Against the Tennessee Titans, what I had feared when I had watched practice at Chargers Park came true: The Chargers defense stinks.

It stinks because the team never found a decent replacement for Weddle. It stinks because, without Bosa, it’s the same league-worst rushing defense the team has last year with Brandon Mebane added to it.

What I saw was a lot of pass rushers not getting pressure, and a lot of Titans runs easily running away from the middle of the defensive line and down the sideline. To put it bluntly, this defense lacks playmakers.

The podcast above says a lot of what you just read, but expands on it a bit further. Then I talk about baseball and the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. Stick around for that if you like those things, or don’t! I don’t care.

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