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BFTB After Dark: Where are you drafting Chargers in your fantasy league?

After Dark is a place for the BFTB community to come together and talk about anything and everything.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Editor's note: Even though our Bolts from the Blue fantasy league is full, start up another BFTB league at Yahoo! Sports. If you're still on the outside looking in, head to the FanPosts and create a new league.

Today, we held the 12-team fantasy draft for the BFTB Readers league. For reference, here are the spots that San Diego Chargers were selected:

  • R2P9 - Keenan Allen (CryMeARivers)
  • R4P2 - Danny Woodhead (Lt.Smash)
  • R6P10 - Melvin Gordon (Pokornstar)
  • R8P6 - Antonio Gates (Bomptown)
  • R8P9 - Philip Rivers (CryMeARivers)
  • R10P10 - Travis Benjamin (Pokornstar)
  • R13P10 - Josh Lambo (Foilhat Beast Mode)
  • R19P3 - Hunter Henry (Pokornstar)

Congrats to Ricky Pokorny for drafting the most Chargers in the BFTB Readers league. I guess we should be rooting for you to have success, but I'm not at least. The following teams went 19 rounds without drafting a single Charger:

  • Kaser Soze
  • Mager Payne
  • Poke you
  • Defiancy
  • Joshua's Bold Team
  • Johnny Free's Team
  • Screaming Eagles (this one is me and, yes, it is a reference to Coach)

BFTB Readers, announce yourselves in the comments and claim your team so that your fellow commenters know who you are.

Oh, and here are some meaningless draft grades: