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Who are you most excited to watch on the defensive side of the ball for the preseason opener?

The BFTB staff tells you which players they are most looking forward to watching on Saturday.

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier, we asked who you're most looking forward to seeing on the offensive side of the football. Let's flip to the defensive side. Who are you most excited to see in live action in the preseason opener and why?

KP: I almost when Darius Philon for obvious reasons but I can't wait to watch Jatavis Brown. The team has lacked team speed, and it's cost them in recent years up the middle. I want to see Browns athleticism on full display. I hope he plays the majority of the game.

Richard: On defense, I can't wait to see Kyle Emanuel play again. He has visibly gotten bigger, and he was already impressive as a rookie.

Matthew Stanley: Defensively I want to watch the safety group as a whole, but if I have to narrow it down, I want to see how Dexter McCoil looks in game action. He has looked good in practice, being in the right place at the right time so I want to see if he can still do that against an offense he isn't familiar with.

Jordan Lee: There are a lot of newcomers on defense, but I'm most excited to see how Brandon Mebane performs in the middle. Last year's defensive line was among the worst in the NFL, particularly against the run, but the addition of the former Seahawk in the middle could go a long way to changing that.

Ruben Gonzalez: Defensively, I'm interested in seeing Manti Teo play. People are saying he has taken a leadership role and is looking like a totally different player. This position is so vital to the defense. Is this the year...?

Uppercut: On defense, I want to see what Mebane brings to the table. How much he personally stops runs up the middle, and how much his presence frees up those around him (especially Liuget). 2 guys who could quietly have a big impact on the run game this season.

Garrett: Darius Philon. He's had a pretty good camp and has got some valuable reps with Bosa not present. Philon flashed last year before going down with an injury so how will he capitalize on starters minutes?

Daniel Stebbins: Jatavis Brown. When he was drafted, I hadn't watched anything on the guy. Later that night, I became a huge fan after watching the very first tape available. This kid just makes plays. Small frame, so I'm very interested to see if he can translate that ability to the NFL game at an early stage in his career.

You tell us, which player on defense are you most excited to watch Saturday?