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Who are you most looking forward to watching on offense in the preseason opener?

The BFTB staff tells you which players they are most looking forward to watching on Saturday.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

We are so close to tasting real football. With the preseason opener tomorrow I was interested in who our staff is most excited to see play. We'll do 2 of these, 1 for both sides of the ball. We'll start with the offense because that's more important. I asked who you're most excited to see and why?

KP: Stupid question. Tyrell Williams. By all accounts, he's taken his game to the next level. I'd love to see him dominate lesser competition. I want to see him compete. Show that he's not just a vertical threat but an every down receiver. I'm hyped to see his usage and where he lines up.

Richard: On offense, I'm really looking forward to seeing Derek Watt play. The reports out of camp are glowing, but they don't match what I was able to see when I was at practice. I want to see what he looks like in an actual game.

Matthew Stanley: Offensively I want to see Chris Swain get some snaps. In practice, he has gotten limited snaps, so I am hoping he gets some game action to shine.

Jordan Lee: On offense, Tyrell Williams has been the talk of camp, so I'm looking forward to how that plays out in game action. With no Malcom Floyd or Stevie Johnson in 2016, Williams could be a big part of filling the void at receiver.

Ruben Gonzalez: Offensively I am looking forward to watching Hunter Henry. My expectations of him are very high as it is. I'm hoping he exceeds them. The future at that positions is his to take. The Chargers can't afford a whiff on this pick.

Uppercut: On offense, I'm looking forward to watching Hunter Henry - more specifically, how they use 12 personnel with he & Gates. What kind of formations they use, what kind of run plays they tend to call, etc. (Maybe some 22 personnel for some heavy running?).

Garrett: Matt Slauson. He's brought a new attitude to the O-Line in camp and has helped improve the communication among the group. Center was the worst spot on the line last year if not the single weakest position on the whole team. Slauson looks like a dog in practice but will it carry over against some real competition?

Daniel Stebbins: Hunter Henry. Nearly said Tyrell Moss, but the future at TE is intriguing to me. I've been a big fan of Henry since 2013, am glad he's a Charger and excited to see him produce.

How about you, who are you looking forward to watching on offense tomorrow night?