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REPORT: Orlando Franklin injured during team drills

During team drills it appears LG Orlando Franklin has been injured

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Today is the 4th straight fully padded practice for the Chargers and it looks like we now have an injury.

Following up with Garrett he let us know that Franklin was escorted back to the locker room by a trainer to get leg checked out.

It's a good sign that he was able to walk over under his own power, but it's still scary to see a big man go down holding his knee, especially with the poor injury luck that plagued this offensive line a year ago. Franklin needs a bounce back year after his poor performance last season. Heading into next year the team can cut Franklin, which would create $4.8 million in dead cap space, but would also create $2.8 million in extra cap space.

No word yet on what the shift to the 1st team offensive line will look like with Franklin out as the team has moved to special teams work in practice now.

Hopefully it turns out to be minor and he will be fine for the regular season.