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Official Bolts from the Blue fantasy leagues are back

Come compete against each other in Yahoo! fantasy leagues

NFL: San Diego Chargers-Minicamp Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

We are back with Yahoo! Fantasy Football this season, and that means we will be giving our readers the opportunity to compete with and probably beat the Bolts from the Blue staff.

We currently have a league that’s half full with BFTB staff that you can get into by commenting below that you want in and if there’s room we will send you the link to join. This is to avoid lurkers snatching up the spots and then later quitting mid-season leaving us with no way to chastise them publicly.

I’ve also opened a readers league that will be somewhat of a consolation prize if you miss out on the staff league.

Remember, unlike your home leagues, everyone here actually follows football so your favorite sleepers probably will not last as long as they normally would.

Finally, you can and should start your own Yahoo! fantasy leagues and promote them in the comments.