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REPORT: Chargers wide receiver Stevie Johnson out for season

After successful surgery to repair meniscus, Stevie Johnson will need "months" to rehab

Jim Steve-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like the Chargers will be without starting WR Stevie Johnson for the 2016 season.

There was some hope that Johnson would be able to make it back at some point this season, but it looks like they will need to make due without his services.

With the signing of nine-year veteran James Jones and the emergence of Tyrell Williams so far early in his sophomore campaign, the Chargers may be able to make up for what they will be missing in Johnson.  Where this does leave a large void, however, is the slot WR position.  Williams has seen some work there in training camp, and Keenan Allen could work wonders there as well.  With how often they have moved guys in and out of that slot position in camp, they seemed to be preparing for this possible outcome.

Also seeing some time in the slot has been second year Charger Isaiah Burse.  He was inserted into the starting unit multiple times in practice last Friday and Saturday.  With a position open in the WR group, and factoring in his return game abilities, he could be a candidate to make the roster come September.

Looking to the future, Stevie Johnson is signed through the 2017 season and sees his cap number jump to $4.5 million that year.  Given his disappointing 2015 season, a shortened 2016 season and plenty of young WRs ready to step in as well a cap savings of $3.5 million, his future with the team could be in question.