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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: Tyrell Williams has a chance to be a playmaker

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Antonio Gates on What Separates Hunter Henry - (video)
Antonio Gates talks about what he sees in rookie Hunter Henry that makes him different than most.

Most undervalued fantasy players at every position - Tyler Loechner (subscription)
Gates is also just two years removed from finishing as the No. 2 fantasy tight end. And while it would be ridiculous to expect him to finish that high again in 2016, the Chargers (and quarterback Philip Rivers) appear determined to get Gates the ball often this season.

Roster turnover for every AFC West team - Cole Schultz
With a bit of good luck, the recently-extended Keenan Allen could nearly double his 552 snaps from last year. Even so, the Chargers brought in Travis Benjamin (Browns), and between the two of them, should cover nicely for the loss of Floyd. Second-round pick Hunter Henry (Arkansas) will provide Philip Rivers with a huge target and could exceed Green’s 686 snaps from last season. Gates should see a sizable increase on his 510 snaps from last year, when he was suspended for the first four games of 2015.

J'Ron Erby's Recovery Fund by Lei Healthcoach - GoFundMe
While two of his friends have been blessed enough to have surgery, be alert, and even be released from the hospital; J'Ron remains in the ICU on a ventilator. J'Ron suffered severe brain trauma, fractured his head in three places, bruises from being dragged across the pavement and possible hearing damage. J'Ron is making strides day by day with progression as doctors watch his brain bleeding, swelling, pressure and activity. Though doctors are optimistic at his progression thus far, they believe this will be a day by day process and may be hospitalized for a month at the least, if things positively keep progressing.

I Hear the Hype, But I Tune It Out - Tyrell Williams
I also get asked sometimes what I think of the TyRandy Williams nickname some have given me on Twitter.  I think that is crazy! That’s way over top and ridiculous!  Randy Moss is one of the better receivers out there.  I appreciate the love, but that is way too out there to even make any kind of comparison like that!  It’s wild, but I do appreciate the support.  I never would have imagined people saying those things when I signed after going undrafted last year.