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After Dark: Do you play rec league sports?

Of course you do.

Kickball For A Home - Celebrity Challenge Presented By Dave Thomas Foundation For Adoption Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

I joined a kickball league this year. Not the first kickball league I’ve ever been a part of, but the first one in San Diego that I’ve been a part of.

One a week, we get together and drink heavily while trying to kick a big red ball. It’s interesting because the rules are similar to baseball but the goals are much different.

Kicking the ball in the air, like you’re going for a home run, is far worse than kicking a groundball to the third baseman. That’s the weird type of stuff that comes about when you’re playing with a ball that is difficult to throw more than a few feet and a bunch of drunk non-athletes fielding their positions.

Anyway, it’s fun. My legs and hips ache all damn week after the game and yet I can’t wait for the next one. Even though my team is currently 0-2, my competitive juices get flowing every single week and it reminds me of exactly why people that have no business calling themselves athletes play rec league sports.

What sports do you play?