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Bosa Watch: Are Bosa and the Team even talking?

Things may be worse than we thought.

As training camp now moves into day 3, a new report from ProFootballTalk says things between the Chargers and their first-round pick Joey Bosa may be worse than we thought.

Now take that with a grain of salt — as you should all stories citing "sources", and anything else from Mike Florio — but if this is true, it is not a good look for the Chargers.

If Bosa and his representation are willing to take no offset language or his bonus all up front and the team still isn't willing to take the offer, just to "stand on principle", then that's garbage. Doing something "special" on a contract for a third-overall pick does not set a precedent going forward for all future first-round picks they make. A third-overall pick is in itself a "special" event, the Chargers haven't even picked in the top 5 since 2004. Saying that doing something they do not usually do on this contract would set a precedent is just garbage.

This should be a no-brainer: give him the no offset language. The team has said over and over that Bosa was "their guy" through the entire draft process. That almost never happens. So why not have enough faith in him to say that you're going to pay him through his rookie contract no matter what, because the thought of releasing him shouldn't even be a realistic notion to consider.

The team is now just being stubborn. Having this "my way or the highway" stance looks bad. If they treat their own employees like this, what would make a potential stadium voter think they would be willing to work with the city at all? And when you have Tom Telesco coming out and saying that they are still actively talking to Bosa's agents, then we have another source telling Florio that no talks have happened in days?

Come on, Chargers, you owe it to yourselves, and your fans, to stop being so "Chargers" on this and give Bosa the no offset language and get him in camp.