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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: Will Stevie Johnson return from injury?

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Stevie Johnson Leaves Practice with Knee Injury - Ricky Henne
“We sent him for a test,” said Head Coach Mike McCoy. “It’s his knee.  I don’t have any update from practice.  He went down there when he caught the ball, hit the ground and got up.  Then he felt something in his knee.  So we’ll get that checked out, and we’ll have more information for you tomorrow.”

Gordon on Training with Adrian Peterson - Hayley Elwood
“He told me that when I’m tired, mentally don’t get beat.  Don’t let that control you and (determine) the outcome.  I just kind of took that to heart and try to imply it when I get tired.  Just be stronger mentally and just get through it.”

Chargers' Mike McCoy says Joey Bosa missing valuable reps amid holdout - Eric Williams
"But he needs to be here. I think everybody needs to be here, especially as a younger player for the installations, playing with your teammates -- things like that. We are going to coach the guys who are here, and the players who were here did a nice job today."

Chargers RB Melvin Gordon learns persistence from Adrian Peterson - Eric Williams
“It was good,” added Gordon. “He trains really hard. He definitely pushed me. There were some other guys there, too that helped push me. It wasn’t just AP. But he’s a hard worker. And being a back that every young back looks up to, it was just good to learn from him.”

Chargers WR Travis Benjamin gets married in two ceremonies - Eric Williams
“I respect her family and they respect me,” Benjamin said. “And when she came to me and said we have to do the traditional African wedding, I was all in.” The two have been together since they met while Benjamin attended school and played football at the University of Miami.