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BREAKING: Stevie Johnson injured on day 2 of training camp

The Chargers have their first nip of the injury bug. WR Stevie Johnson has injured his knee.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Welp. It happens every year, and this year it happened on day 2 of camp. The Chargers have their first big injury of the year.

From multiple other tweets it appears Stevie had to be helped to the locker room and could not put any weight on his injured leg.

That does not look good. Hopefully there isn't a significant injury and Stevie can get back out quickly.

If not, there are plenty of WR's on the roster chomping at the bit to get more reps. Tyrell Williams looks like he is poised to make a real impact this year and rookies Dom Williams and Jamaal Jones could push for a spot as well if Stevie isn't coming back quickly.

We will check back in when there is any news on the results of Stevie's MRI. Hopefully there won't be many more updates like this during the rest of camp.