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BFTB Weekly Poll Question: will Philip Rivers retire as greatest quarterback in team history?

It's the weekend and that means it's time for the weekly poll question.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This week's poll question is, will Philip Rivers be able to surpass Dan Fouts as the greatest quarterback in franchise history by the time he retires?

Rivers is just over a season short of matching Fouts' total games played. And he trails by 1,593 career passing yards, a number he should easily reach this year if he manages to play more than half the season. He needs three fourth quarter comebacks and only one game winning drive to match Fouts' totals. Fouts has an 11 AV advantage in career approximate value. Rivers has surpassed 11 AV in nine out of the last ten seasons, so that should be well within reach this year.

Rivers already has more completions and touchdowns to his credit. His completion percentage, touchdown percentage, and interception percentage are superior and it would require some prolonged and truly ugly play to fall behind Dan Fouts' numbers.

Statistically, Rivers should be able to retire holding all major team passing records. The question becomes, does that matter when you're comparing across such different eras? The NFL is far more of a passing league now than it was in Fouts' playing days and the numbers Rivers is putting up are at least partially a product of that.

Name G AV Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD TD% Int Int% 4QC GWD
Dan Fouts 181 162 3297 5604 58.8 43040 254 4.5 242 4.3 24 26
Philip Rivers 164 151 3462 5339 64.8 41447 281 5.3 135 2.5 21 25

Vote in the poll to let us know if you think Rivers will retire as the greatest QB int team history. Then let us know in the comments why you voted that way.