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The best Chargers receiving seasons of the last decade

The Chargers have been lucky to have some truly excellent receiving options over the last decade.

Donald Miralle/Getty Images

A few days ago, we looked at the best running back seasons of the last 10 years. Today, we're going less position specific by reviewing the best receiving seasons by a Charger of any position. Once again, we are measuring best by using Football Outsiders' DYAR (this time we are, of course, limiting ourselves to receiving DYAR).

In what shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that watched the Chargers over the last decade, Vincent Jackson's 2009 season is the gold standard of Chargers receiving seasons. He caught 68 balls for 1,167 yards, 9 touchdowns. and 58 first downs. He caught 63% of passes thrown his way and also drew 67 yards worth of defensive pass interference penalties. His previous season wasn't quite as spectacular but it was still good enough to rank second on this list.

Antonio Gates' 2010 season is the best tight end season by a Charger in the last 10 years and one of six times that the future Hall of Famer shows up in the top 20. Six top-20 seasons leads the way for all Chargers with Malcom Floyd's five top-20 seasons close behind. It's somewhat appropriate that Philip Rivers' two most consistent targets would make up more than half of the list.

Keenan Allen's rookie season is not just the fifth-ranked season out of the Chargers' last 10 years. It's also one of the greatest rookie receiving seasons in history.

Danny Woodhead is the only running back to make the top 20 and he has done it twice, ranking 8th and 14th in his only two full seasons with the team.

Danario Alexander's amazing 2012 season is a reminder of what could have been had his body been able to hold up. He was a dynamic playmaker and his time on the field was as impressive as it was sadly short.

Finally, Eddie Royal shows up twice with his 2013 and 2014 seasons. Chargers fans, myself included, probably did not appreciate enough just how productive he was.

Rk Name Year DYAR
1 Vincent Jackson 2009 456
2 Vincent Jackson 2008 378
3 Antonio Gates 2010 358
4 Malcom Floyd 2011 351
5 Keenan Allen 2013 343
6 Antonio Gates 2009 336
7 Malcom Floyd 2012 324
8 Danny Woodhead 2013 282
9 Danario Alexander 2012 265
10 Vincent Jackson 2011 259
11 Antonio Gates 2007 258
12 Malcom Floyd 2014 252
13 Eddie Royal 2013 238
14 Danny Woodhead 2015 235
15 Antonio Gates 2011 231
16 Malcom Floyd 2009 222
17 Antonio Gates 2006 206
18 Antonio Gates 2014 204
19 Malcom Floyd 2008 203
20 Eddie Royal 2014 183