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Joey Bosa won’t report to the start of Chargers Training Camp

The San Diego Chargers will kick off Training Camp today, without their 1st round pick, DE Joey Bosa out of Ohio State.

NFL: San Diego Chargers-Joey Bosa Press Conference Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Chargers are set to start Training Camp today and they would like to be joined by their 1st Round draft pick and franchise-saving defensive lineman (I’m only kidding a little bit...). Unfortunately, that is not to be.

I can’t stress enough how dumb a fight over offset money is. It literally only comes into play if the team releases Joey Bosa during this contract. When is the last time the San Diego Chargers cut a 1st round pick during his rookie contract anyway?

I guess they did release Larry English right before the final year of his deal, if I’m being fair (although that was before the Rookie Wage Scale that made all players very affordable during their rookie contracts), but it doesn’t make me super confident that what is keeping Bosa out of Training Camp is a concern on his end that his career might go the way of Larry English’s.

Holding out. Because he doesn’t want to let the Chargers off the hook, financially, if the team decides to cut him at some point and another team decides to pay him instead. No, he would much rather make the full money promised/guaranteed to him by the Chargers on top of the money that said new team decides to pay him.

It’s called “double-dipping”, and while I really don’t take a side in whether or not it’s right, I can tell you this much....

Offset language, or “double-dipping”, is an absolutely terrible reason to be missing crucial days of practice, coaching, and bonding with your teammates before your rookie year.