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Bosa Watch: Darron Lee signs in NY, Bosa 1 of 2 remaining unsigned

Bosa Watch continues as Darron Lee signs with the Jets, leaving Bosa as one of two 1st round picks unsigned.

And then there were two.

Darron Lee has reached a deal with the New York Jets, leaving Joey Bosa and 28th overall pick by the 49ers, Joshua Garnett.

Lee's contract is fully guaranteed, which is exactly what Joey Bosa is also looking for in his contract, however there is a slight difference.

Bosa and Lee share the same representation, so after having just negotiated a similar fully guaranteed contract but with this "out" if the Chargers wind up cutting Bosa for a non-football reason, this could help dislodge this stalemate and get a deal done.

But for now, we still all play the waiting came and continue Bosa Watch.