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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: Are Chargers fans really mediocre?

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Kid you not, Bolts can win the West - Nick Canepa (UT$)
This year, the door to the West is not wide open, but closed. It’s up to the Chargers, Broncos, Chiefs and Raiders to find the key. The division is bound to be capricious, so unpredictable Oakland actually is favored to win it (if only Marty could come back to beat them). Peyton-less Denver won’t repeat. But we probably can count on Raiders being Raiders and Andy Reid clock-managing his way out of it in Kansas City.

Study finds Chargers fans mediocre - Eddie Brown (UT$)
Sports business analyst Dr. Michael Lewis of Emory University has produced these rankings for the past few years, adjusting and improving his methodology every season. This year his team combined two different metrics ("Fan Equity" and "Social Media Equity") into one metric ("Dynamic Fan Equity").

2016 Training Camp Preview: Inside Linebackers - Ricky Henne
Te’o is fresh off surpassing the century mark in tackles for the first time in his career last year, leading the Chargers with 107.  In addition to charting his development on the field, watch for number 50 to emerge as a leader on defense as he enters his fourth season.

10 Things to Watch: Will Melvin Gordon Take Leap Forward? - Ricky Henne
"It was terrible.  I was terrible… (but) you can’t dwell on last year.  It’s a new season and you have to get past it. But there are things I didn’t know as a rookie that I know now.  There are things that you can only learn from playing the game.  I understand the game better now.  I wish I knew last year what guys who have been in the league for four or five years know.  I have a better understanding now, and that will grow.  Rookie years are different for a lot of people.  Some have more success than others, so I am just trying to go out there, work and prove myself more this year."