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Will Joey Bosa be signed by Training Camp? Telesco : “I don’t know.”

The San Diego Chargers GM doesn’t sound confident that his first round draft pick will be signed and ready to participate in the first day of Training Camp on Saturday.

San Diego Chargers DE Joey Bosa Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

San Diego Chargers Training Camp kicks off on Saturday, but the team is still in a heated contract dispute with their 1st round draft pick and #3 overall selection, DE Joey Bosa out of Ohio State.

The assumption has been, all along, that the two sides would find some sort of resolution before Training Camp started. However, when Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco joined Darren Smith earlier today to discuss it, he didn’t sound so confident:

You can listen to the entire interview here:

The funny, or predictable, thing about the interview is that Telesco doesn’t say much of anything. “I don’t know” is about as good of an answer as you’re going to get on him (and he didn’t bite on Darren’s question about taking Jalen Ramsey instead of Bosa).

What’s interesting is that Telesco probably had an opportunity to put this one to bed and say “We’re confident we’re going to get this worked out,” but he didn’t. My guess is that means there’s not even an open conversation going on between the two sides right now, which would be worrisome except.....

These things have a way of working out very quickly once camp begins. Don’t be surprised if you hear that Bosa is signed on Saturday morning and on the field by Saturday afternoon, having only missed half of the first day.