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PFF: Chargers have 14th ranked secondary

According to the guys over at PFF, the Chargers have the 14th ranked secondary.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Continuing the rundown of position group rankings from Pro Football Focus, today we hit the secondary.

They have the Chargers sitting at 14th, which at first glance isn't bad, but then you realize that is still last place in the AFC West. The big weakness here is the safety group. San Diego lost Eric Weddle to the Ravens so the starting pair is likely Jahleel Addae and Dwight Lowery, with Darrell Stuckey and probably someone named Adrian in reserve. There is a little potential there, but definitely no all stars in the mix.

The three stating corners are the reason for hope here. Jason Verrett, Brandon Flowers, and Casey Hayward are as good a starting 3 as the Chargers have had in as long as I can remember. As PFF points out, if Flowers really has solved his conditioning issues and can bounce back to form, this is an outstanding group.

As has been the common theme across the board for the Chargers position groups, if all the players can stay healthy, and play as well as they have played in the past, the group will outplay their ranking.