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Chargers' rookie class scores Madden '17

Madden 17 rookie ratings are starting to be released. How did they grade the Chargers' class?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

For those of you who like to play as the Chargers in the Madden video games, I have good news for you: They like the Chargers' rookie class.

Joey Bosa leads the Chargers' rookie class with a 79 overall rating, and is tied for the 3rd highest rating of all rookies this year. But it doesn't stop there. Hunter Henry is right behind him at 78 overall, giving the Chargers 2 of the top 10 highest rated rookies in Madden 17. Looking directly at the Madden website, they have Bosa listed where the Chargers intend to play him at LE, and give him very balanced grades that look to be solid 80s and above across the board including 80 power rush move and 84 finesse rush move. Henry comes in with 82 speed and 89 for acceleration, and it looks like the EA graders saw what we did and gave him a 77 in run blocking.

Also, according to this article from ESPN, the Chargers 6th round pick, punter Drew Kaser, has at least a rating of 74. I couldn't find anything on other grades yet, but they should be coming soon.