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Filed under: Chargers head coach Mike McCoy ranks near the bottom of the league

Elliot Harrison of ranks the 32 NFL head coaches.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

It's early July and that means nothing is actually happening, so that means our only news is reviews, previews, and rankings from national media outlets. With that in mind, I bring you the results of a ranking of NFL head coaches from's Elliot Harrison. Unlike that (honestly even more pointless) playing career-based ranking, Mike McCoy does not rank among the top 10. Instead, he finds himself in the bottom 10 (spoiler alert: he's not ahead fo Bill Belichick this time).

The description Harrison gives for McCoy is actually very charitable given where he ranked him:

McCoy is another head coach who received scant respect last season. Fans unfairly piled on as the Chargers' losses mounted. (Reminds me of when you donate to one charity ... then the Save An Emu In Montana foundation and maybe 9,765 other charities pile on.) I'm sure McCoy, as much as anyone, would like to put much of the frustration from 2015 -- like the loss to Pittsburgh, when the Steelers couldn't complete a pass -- behind him. But McCoy did go 9-7 in each of his first two seasons. Give him a break, please.

Mike McCoy is in the bottom 10 of a group of 32 coaches, but apparently, he was "unfairly piled on" as he led his team to a 4-12 record and the third overall pick in the NFL draft. His 22-26 record that he has compiled with one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the game of football is so strong that you should give him a break. McCoy, as you all know by now, is one of the worst tactical coaches in the game of football. His complete inability to manage the clock and his absurdly conservative play-calling has cost his team wins every year.

His ranking in the bottom third of the league is well-earned but Harrison's weak defense of McCoy's resume is out of place given that ranking.

And because you want to know the top 10:

10) Gary Kubiak, Denver Broncos
9) Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints
8) Ron Rivera, Carolina Panthers
7) John Harbaugh, Baltimore Ravens
6) Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs
5) Bruce Arians, Arizona Cardinals
4) Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers
3) Mike McCarthy, Green Bay Packers
2) Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks
1) Bill Belichick, New England Patriots

Hey, look. That's two of the other coaches in the AFC West. Jack Del Rio was ranked 19th, so the Chargers are at a disadvantage against every team in the division. The top 10 also includes (at #8) the guy the Chargers let walk to keep Norv Turner and (at #5) the guy the Chargers decided wasn't as good as Mike McCoy. Decisions like that are how you end up with one of the worst coaches in the NFL year after year.

Anyway, let me know what you think about Harrison's list. Who's ranked too high or too low? What did we do to deserve Mike McCoy? Was I overly hard on McCoy? Hey, it's been a long week.