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PODCAST: Leave Joey Bosa Alone!

The San Diego Chargers media attacked Joey Bosa this weekend for the oddest reason.

Photo Credit: @sdutGehlken

I try to make it a point to post my daily podcasts (which are usually around 20-30 minutes) when I talk about the San Diego Chargers, so here you go!


Today, I started off with the San Diego Padres. So, fast forward about 12 minutes if you don’t want to hear that nonsense. If you are a Padres fan, or a MLB fan in general, stick around and enjoy me struggling with enjoy the team’s sweep of the San Francisco Giants while worrying about what the front office may be thinking right now.

Later, I talk about Joey Bosa’s autograph-signing session at the Fashion Valley Mall over the weekend, along with the odd reaction of the Chargers media that were covering it.

Then I just repeated the sentiment that everyone else has had throughout the whole “Bosa Watch” process. It’s okay if he’s holding out, but it’s not okay if he misses time from Training Camp due to this.