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Broncos and Von Miller are nearing a deal

You can put the champagne back on ice; Miller isn't leaving the division.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Well, any hope you may have had that the Chargers' division rivals might not be able to get a deal done with their star pass rusher looks to have been quashed. Von Miller and the Denver Broncos are apparently very close to completing and signing a contract that will keep him on the field. Mike Klis, who cover the Broncos for 9 News, tweeted as much earlier today:

Well, now we just hope that this is only a one-year deal and that the Broncos will have to deal with this circus again next offseason. John Elway is a stubborn man and a harsh negotiator, but he is not stupid. The odds that he would not figure out a way to placate his best player were never very good. Oh, well. Here's hoping this year's offensive line is healthy enough to handle the likes of Von Miller.