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Supplemental Draft is over, should the Chargers pick up any of these players as Free Agents

The Supplemental Draft is over, no one was selected

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 Supplemental Draft came and went this morning and of the six players that were eligible, none were selected.

Now that the six possible players went undrafted, all of them become free agents. Here's a quick look at the possible candidates that just hit the market.

Ra’Zahn Howard, DT, Purdue

Howard was regarded as this year's top player in the supplemental draft but does have a checkered past.

He's 6'3"/325 and recorded 47 tackles, 3.5 TFL and 3 sacks over 29 games at Purdue. Howard has the NFL build and flashed in his last year with the Boilermakers. He held his own Pro Day last week so many teams got a good look at Howard and he'll most likely be picked up sometime before Training Camp begins.


Rashaun Simonise, WR, University of Calgary

Simonise has already been snatched up by Cincinnati:

Tee Shepard, DB, Ole Miss

Shepard is 6'1"/195 and was a Top 100 prospect when he was recruited in 2012 by Notre Dame. Because of academic issues he left Notre Dame and signed with Ole Miss then later transfered to Miami (Ohio). His college career was plagued by injuries (only playing two total games) and Shepard announced his retirement from football in October of last year. Well he's back, and though it's a small sample size, when's he's healthy you can see the talent but is he worth the gamble?

Cameron Walton, DE, Concordia

What you've never heard of Concordia? Well, that's because they don't have a football program anymore but of course that's not Cameron Walton's fault. A former coach of Robert Mathis said Walton's skills remind him alot of Mathis. The former Concordia coach Stanley Conner, said Walton had "around 20 sacks" last year. They may not keep official stats at Concordia but Walton can get to the quarterback.

Jalen Overstreet, RB, Sam Houston State

Overstreet was recently arrested for a credit card scam but the charges have been dropped though he has also had a marijuana possession charge and was accused of stealing an iPad. In 2013 at Texas, Overstreet ran for 102 yards on 20 carries but that's as far as his stats will take you.

Eddie D’Antuono, LS, Virginia Tech

Don't make me break down a Long Snapper.

Should the Chargers take any of these guys?

In short, no. Now if you're asking who they might take I can tell you but it's pretty obvious. The Chargers are pretty set at Running Back, Long Snapper and probably Corner. Howard may be the prize but this team does not like players with off the field stuff so he's probably crossed off this list. Out of these six (now five) players avaible Cameron Walton has the best chance to be picked up by the Chargers. The team needs more pass rushers and his former coach is comparing him to Robert Mathis? Telesco has a soft spot for former Colts so any correlation between them is right up his alley.