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BFTB Weekly Poll Results: Philip Rivers is already the greatest quarterback in Chargers franchise history

We briefly look at last week's poll results.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, we asked the question, "Will Philip Rivers retire as the greatest quarterback in franchise history?" 700 of you voted and only 35 votes (5%) were cast for "no." That result was no shock, but the fact that 455 voters (65%) believe he has already surpassed Hall of Famer Dan Fouts was a little surprising. 210 (30%) of us voted that Rivers has not yet passed Fouts but we believe that he will.

The passing records that Rivers has already claimed were apparently enough for most voters to declare him the best quarterback to ever play for the Chargers with the remaining records that will almost certainly fall being merely a bonus of sorts. The arguments of different eras making Fouts' accomplishments more impressive were unpersuasive. And some even pointed to the fact that Fouts was able to play for superior coaching staffs.

Regardless of how you made your decision, 95% of voters agreeing that that Rivers will retire as the greatest QB in team history says quite a bit.

Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll. And thank you to TooLiugetToQuit, Hands0m3D0N, Uppercut, Mad_Villain, Buck Melanoma, Grey Suit, cameronm, Boltricity, KeeperOfProphecies, Bolt jinx, BoltWheat, Frank Converse, GivemHell54, Dan goutz, Tau837, SDbob, SD_Bolted, Aztecbilly, SDNativeinTX, SteelStealth, DKNJ, sjboltfan, HawaiianBolt, Cake or Death, boltmafia17, SuperSalami, and chendri87 for participating in the discussion.

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