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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: June 8, 2016

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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Which Position Group Has Grown the Most this Offseason? - Ricky Henne
"The defensive backs," he said.  "You see the passion and energy they are playing with, the way they are playing for one another and the excitement."

Roger Goodell to meet with Chargers on stadium issue - Eric Williams
"But these projects are hard. They take leadership, they take people who are going to step out and say, 'This is best for our community.' And you got to find that solution that works for the community and also works for the team. This clearly addresses a number of issues in the downtown for the Chargers, and also for the city of San Diego. But ultimately, it’s the community’s solution and the community’s decision."

Craig Mager "Building His Own Puzzle" - Ricky Henne
"I just want to be a security blanket for those guys," he said.  "If they ever need a breather, or if something happens, they can tap out and I’ll go in and they know they won’t miss a beat.  So I have to focus and prepare for every single receiver because I don’t know who I might have to replace.  I need to study nickel packages, slot receivers, outside players. So I just try to study and learn three little things from each guy.  If I can break it down to that and remember those three things, I’ll be good for the game."

Who's filling the biggest needs for all 32 NFL teams -
One of the reasons the Chargers did not draft a left tackle is because they believe King Dunlap can fill that role if he stays healthy. Dunlap missed nine games last season with ankle and concussion issues. But in 2014 he played a full 16-game season for the first time in his career, doing a good job of protecting quarterback Philip Rivers' blind side. The Chargers need Dunlap to stay healthy and return to form this season.

Sean Lissemore Owns Important Role in 2016 - Ricky Henne
"I’m more focused on having a good season," he said.  "After last season, as a team, we’re not happy with the way things went.  Individually, I wasn’t happy with the way things went with getting injured.  Let’s just say it’s been a long offseason, and I’m looking forward to next season getting here already. I just want to play well, and I’m really excited about it.  So I’m not focused on starting or not; I’m just focused on helping this team win."

Manti Te'o now old man of position group - Eric Williams
"It’s crazy how fast things change," Te’o said. "I feel more comfortable knowing that I know what I know. I’ve taken my bumps and bruises. I’m not saying that I’m not going to get any more. But the hardest thing is getting that confidence, and not only being able to do what you’ve got to do, but knowing what you’ve got to do.