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BFTB weekly poll question: Which pending free agent should Chargers extend?

It's the weekend and that means it's time for the weekly poll question.

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

According to the fine people at, the San Diego Chargers have several rather important players heading into contract years in 2016. The following players will be unrestricted free agents in the new league year if they are not extended before then:

  • Danny Woodhead
  • Sean Lissemore
  • Trevor Robinson
  • Mike Windt
  • Jeff Cumberland
  • Kellen Clemens
  • Keenan Allen
  • Manti Te'o
  • Steve Williams
  • Tourek Williams
  • Jahleel Addae
  • Damion Square
  • Melvin Ingram

Now, some of those players (Trevor Robinson) shouldn't even make it to training camp. Others (Kellen Clemens) will probably be cut prior to the regular season. No doubt, more than a few of these players will sign contract extensions before reaching free agency. Today's question, though, is "if the Chargers could only retain one of their pending free agents, who should it be?"

Among the starters, Melvin Ingram plays the most important position; edge rushers that can get to the quarterback don't grow on trees. Keenan Allen is probably the most talented player, but he also probably comes with the biggest price tag. We all saw what happens to the offense without Danny Woodhead, and he will likely have the lowest cap hit of the impact players on the team. I'm sure some people like Manti Te'o. Jahleel Addae is also technically a starter. Steve Williams is fast.

Vote in the poll to let us know you think the team most needs to re-sign. Then let us know in the comments why you voted that way.