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Poll Results: Keenan Allen will lead the Chargers in receiving yards

We briefly look at last week's poll results.

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, we asked you who would lead the 2016 San Diego Chargers in receiving yards. 933 of you voted in the poll and 82% of respondents agreed that Keenan Allen would record the highest receiving yards total this season. That was no surprise and perhaps a more interesting question would have been "who will be second on the team in receiving?"

Among the non-Keenan Allen contingent, Travis Benjamin was the most popular choice with 9% of the vote (fully 50% of the non-Allen vote). That's not terribly shocking either as Benjamin is the presumptive #2 wideout. Where the results took a turn was with third place. Rookie tight end Hunter Henry captured 25% of the non-Allen vote placing him ahead of last year's receiving leader, Danny Woodhead, and the man ahead of Henry on the depth chart, future Hall of Famer Antonio Gates.

Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll. And thank you to BinkonatorblackroseMDOne1080_XtremeBangheadBoltupLondonchargersfan420Controversysells (even if it was just to point to a typo), MaldamusmoreoffenseisbetterSD_BoltedSDNativeinTXSJSDFanYouKnowMyNameChase pottebaumHawaiianBoltBoltricityBuck Melanoma, and sjboltfan, for participating in the discussion.

Let us know what you think about the results in the comments.