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PODCAST: The San Diego Chargers Stadium Dilemma, Explained

San Diego Chargers team owner Dean Spanos Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Will they stay or will they go? That’s the question surrounding the San Diego Chargers as their citizen’s initiative heads towards November ballots in the City of San Diego.

Today, I tried to sum up the situation as best I could, factoring in the news that they’ll now need 66.6% approval for the ballot measure to pass, rather than the 50% that they thought that would need.

Yes, it’s easy to hate Dean Spanos and the team’s ownership, but when you look at things from their point of view, I think you’ll find that what they’re asking for is reasonable (if not fair).

After the Chargers stadium talk, if you stick around, I tell you which team I think Kevin Durant will end up signing with this offseason (and why) and explain why Johnny Manziel can never and will never hit the type of “rock bottom” that he can recover from, as an addict.

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