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Who is the most overrated player on the Chargers offense?

The Bolts From the Blue staff each attempts to answer the question.

Jim Steve-USA TODAY Sports

Now it's time to go over who is overrated on the offensive side. This is more about failed expectations, which there were a lot of last year.

Ruben Gonzalez - Stevie Johnson

I'm not going to sit here and pretend I know the Chargers blocking schemes, because I don't. That leaves me with skill positions. The only 1 I can nitpick is Stevie Johnson. Very delicate. Seems vulnerable to injury. Reason why he's never realized potential.

Richard Wade - D.J. Fluker

This one was tough because I don't think anyone is especially overrated on a consistent basis. The one name that I got stuck on is D.J. Fluker. He's an average player still transitioning to a new position that most people seem to think is better than he is. I hate to say it, though, because I'm a fan of his effort and attitude.

Garrett Sisti - Stevie Johnson

Every Chargers fan was clamoring for the Stevie Johnson who had back to back to back 1,000-yard seasons in Buffalo but he's more of the Stevie Johnson you saw in San Francisco. Good route runner, but a man who looks a step slower ever since the back surgery and isn't what everyone thinks/hopes he is.

Matthew Stanley - Orlando Franklin

He came in with huge fanfare (from myself as well) and high expectations and didn't even come close to living up to them. Yes, he got hurt, but when he wasn't hurt he wasn't very good at his job. I really (really) hope he can bounce back.

Daniel Stebbins - Tyrell Williams

From the moment he signed on as a UDFA, Many seemed to anoint him the "next Floyd" without even seeing him in camp. Not saying he's a bad player, he's someone worth developing, but I don't feel the love he has amongst fans matches his current offering.

KP - Stevie Johnson

Last year was rough. Missing 6 games isn't a great initial impression, which is the type of thing that the team just cannot have, injuries. When he was on the field, there were flashes of him breaking a screen, or picking up a 1st down here and there. But there was more of him losing contested catches, or not getting open on key downs. There were games where Dontrelle Inman outperformed him. I don't mind Inman but he's a number 3 at best. The Chargers needed more out of Johnson and they just did not get that out of him last year. When the line did provide Rivers with enough time to throw, too many occasions where he was holding the ball late in the season because receivers couldn't get open. 1 of those reasons was Johnson.

What do you think, who let you down in terms of expectations last year?