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Who is the most overrated player on the Chargers defense?

The Bolts From The Blue staff each attempt to answer the question.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

We've been over the underrated part of this series. Now comes the easy part where we who feel is overrated on the team. Whether it's but fans, the team, or the national media. Let's start on defense

SDNativeinTX - Corey Liuget

I hate saying it, because he virtually had no help at all, but Liuget really did not do too much at all last season and the Bolts needed him to. He had been good for an impact play or two per game in prior seasons, but those just didn't happen last season. Even with pretty much the same UDFA scrap heap line around has been in the past.

Daniel Stebbins - Manti Te'o

This one is easy. People WANT him to be good in the worst way. There's always the excuses for him, and then last year with the "he's so much better with Perryman!!" stuff. He simply hasn't earned the adoration many seem to give him. This is a "prove it" year for Manti and if he doesn't show progress.....

Garrett Sisti - Manti Te'o

Everyone will point to the box score but Manti almost misses as many tackles as he makes and every tackle happens 3-5 yards after the line of scrimmage. Repeat after me: "Manti Te'o makes tackles, not plays," he's not helping get the defense off the field.

Richard Wade - Jahleel Addae

Widely considered to be a player capable of starting in the NFL. I could not disagree more. He is a backup at best and even then not on a particularly good defense.

Ruben Gonzalez - Brandon Flowers

I actually hate to admit this, but I think Flowers is overrated. Last year he was listed as a CB1 whenever he was healthy. We all know he can't cover anything deep, so it mystifies me why the Chargers brass still hold him in high regard. I hope this year he makes me look like a fool.

Matthew Stanley - Jahleel Addae

The team loves him, many of the fans love him, but he needs to learn to love himself. He throws his body around in a dangerous way. I appreciate his enthusiasm but if he played with more control he might have a chance to be a decent safety.

KP - Jahleel Addae

What Richard and Stanley said.

This is more in the teams eyes. For whatever reason they've seen enough in 40 career games to think Addae is going to bring more to the table. I'm hoping this is a product of Tom Telesco not valuing the safety position, which is foolish in itself, but I really think the team feels like Addae is a talent. Nevermind the fact that he can't stay on the field, but what he brings to the table when he is on the field is the definition of replacement. This is a case where when he is replaced when he gets hurt after 4 games and replaced someone who can do the fundamentals that they were taught in high school, I think that'll be all she wrote for Addae.

What do you think, who is the most overrated player on the Chargers defense?