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San Diego Chargers Daily Links; June 3, 2016

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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The NFL’s Brewing Information War - Kevin Clark
"Where does it end?" Rivera said this week in an interview with The Ringer. "Can you get text messages or go out there with an iPhone and figure out where to go? What are we creating? I know there are millennial players, but this is still a game created 100 years ago."

Joe Buck Is Underrated - Bryan Curtis
Beisner had seen Buck in NFL press boxes for years. He seemed like a swell guy. Her reaction, she later realized, was inspired not by the man himself but by the ineffable sense of Joe Buck–ness that wafted through her TV screen. She finally pinpointed it to Buck’s National Car Rental commercial, in which he pulled a roller suitcase behind him and talked in his absurdly perfect voice. "He had this look on his face that seemed so smug and arrogant," Beisner said.

Insider Buzz: Chargers May Still Face Legal Problem If They Win Stadium Approval - Jason Cole (video)
The process in which the Chargers decide to stay in or leave San Diego could reportedly drag out beyond the 2016 season. What will likely hold up the process? Watch Bleacher Report NFL Insider Jason Cole discuss the Chargers' stadium decision in the video above.

Chargers still expect a healthy Melvin Gordon for training camp - Eric Williams
"We feel good about him being on track," Spanos said. "Obviously, injuries are a very unfortunate part of this game. And he suffered one last year with the knee injury, and had the surgery. And when that happens, of course there’s a timetable that’s created.

Muck City native Travis Benjamin on chasing rabbits, gaining speed - Eric Williams
"I already knew he was fast, but just getting around him, it is game-changing fast," Rivers said about Benjamin. "Not that we’re just going to heave him a bunch of deep balls. But the threat that he can run by you, it makes every now and then an easy 10- or 12-yard completion."