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Five players that could unexpectedly make the 53-man roster

Here are a few players who could make the roster week 1.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday we told you about five players who will we see as being on the short list to be cut before week 1 of the season rolls around. Today we are going to look at players who we see as standing a chance to be that "last man in" on the first iteration of the 53 man roster when the team goes into week 1.

Let's jump right in.

Gennaro -

Don't ask me why but I think Shaq Petteway finds a way to make the team. Maybe in place of Nick Dzubnar. So that's my surprise guy that makes the roster, not that I think he'll contribute any more than what Dzubnar did last year.

Daniel -

Though many are already on the Swain Train, Chris Swain is my surprise to make the first 53. He is, after all, an undrafted free agent. He offers a skill set that no other back currently does for SD. His running style, military service and established nickname should make him a fan favorite this preseason.

Garrett -

Safety Adrian McDonald. Has the big hit ability and a nose for the football (17 interceptions/259 tackles) plus he has some real value as a Special Teams contributor. I don't care how good the other Safety named Adrian looked in mini-camp, McDonald will be picked up for Safety depth & will have a role on Special Teams.

Kyle -

Jamaal Jones- Couldn't decide between a WR or a S but with the additions of Travis Benjamin and Tyrell Moss (Williams) the team gets a sure-handed possession WR in Jones. He's far from flashy, but he's consistent and makes plays. He gets the nod over Inman.

Richard -

My pick for surprise name to make the first 53-man roster is Trevor Robinson because everything is awful.

Ruben -

The surprise make on opening day is somebody who is not on this roster right now. I expect that somebody who is cut from another team or possibly trade for will be the lucky lad. Stay tuned for this development.

Stanley -

I'm with Kyle as far as trying to decide between a WR or a S. I'm with Daniel that the Swain Train makes the roster, but that's not a surprise to me. I'm going with Adrian McDonald as well, though. I think the current group of safeties is going to need help, and McDonald can tackle AND play the ball.

Throw your picks in the comments.