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Five veteran players the Chargers could unexpectedly cut this year

Every year there are one or two surprise cuts; the BFTB staff weighs in on who they think will become free agents before the season starts.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Is everyone enjoying the dead period yet? While we all suffer through this time of the year where only baseball is going on, the staff here is going to continue to look at what we see happening when the team gets back together for the final push of the offseason. Today that is going to be surprise cuts.

Every year, most teams wind up having at least one "surprise" veteran cut before the season starts. It's just the nature of the game. Most teams bring in around seven rookies through the draft and sign 10-20+ UDFA's, some of them are going to exceed expectations. With the wage scale the way it is, these rookie "bubble" players are much better value to keep around than "bubble" veterans. So who are some candidates this year for the Chargers?

Richard -

I still stand by Sean Lissemore as the surprise veteran cut. He plays a position where there is suddenly a great deal more competition (for a limited number of spots) than past years and is more expensive than a few guys that are better than him. It all adds up to a veteran looking for a new team.

Daniel -

Surprise cut will be Lissemore. Had considered Stevie but that will more likely be next offseason. The Chargers now have depth along the defensive line, making a man without a real position like Lissemore expendable. What makes this even more likely is the 1.75 million dollars the team will save on the cap this season. When those two factors match up, it typically results in that player looking for a job come week 1.

Gennaro -

Surprise cut will be Kellen Clemens; I don't care what anybody says. There is zero reason to have an 11-year vet backing up a 13-year vet that never gets injured.

Kyle -

Chris Watt. Battles injuries in camp and never gets a chance to prove himself and the team realizes that he's never going to get healthy. Cut.

Ruben -

Surprise cut is Dontrelle Inman. I really like him. He seemed to be there every time the Chargers lost a receiver to injury. But this could be a case of the numbers game. He may also be available for trade if an injury to another team's WR occurs.

Garrett -

Chris Watt. Max Tuerk is now the future at C & if he can't stay healthy, he is of no use. Sometimes your best option is the healthy option. Plus Chris Hairston, Kenny Wiggins, Trevor (eye roll) Robinson, Tyreek Burwell & the rookie Clark will all be fighting for depth spots on the O-Line, Watt could be the odd man out.

Bob -

I'm gonna go with Stevie Johnson being the surprise cut. With Keenan Allen and Travis Benjamin set, I see enough of the young guys making enough of a move in camp and preseason to have Stevie become a surprise early cut. Some of the younger receivers have intriguing mixes of skill sets, size, and speed, and it would not shock me if we have Javontee Herndon, Terrell Williams, and Dontrelle Inman on the roster going into September. This could be where Stevie's injury history and falling short of potential causes the Bolts to move on to develop a guy or two with some upside.

Stanley -

This is a good list of names to watch. I have been leaning towards Lissemore all offseason, but "your best ability is your availability" keeps chiming in my head and I think Chris Watt could have the most to worry about here. He has missed a good amount of time already, and now we learn he just recently had another knee surgery? Not looking great.

Who do you have on your cut watch list?