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Chargers are near the bottom of the league in ranking of defensive 'triplets'

The Chargers ranked near the bottom, but did the author pick the correct 3?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Barnwell at ESPN ranked each NFL team's best "defensive triplets," basically, the best three players on every defense ranked against each other.

The Chargers came in at number 24 on that list, which based on the three players he chose I have no problem with. The author selected Jason Verrett, which makes total sense, but then added Brandon Flowers and Corey Liuget as the other two members of the Chargers' "triplets."

I don't think those are the best three players on this defense. Feeva is definitely one, but since this ranking is written in the present tense, I'd put Melvin Ingram over Flowers, I'd put Denzel Perryman over Flowers. I could see the arguments for Corey as the 3rd best defensive player, but Flowers in the top 3?

Although even swapping out Flowers for Ingram or Perryman, I don't see that improving San Diego's ranking on that list very much. I'd probably bump them up to 20th overall because at 19 the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a pretty good set of triplets. I'd say Feeva >> Brent Grimes, but Gerald McCoy > Corey Liuget and Lavonte David > Ingram/Perryman.

Hopefully, Joey Bosa signs soon and can be part of a young set of Chargers triplets going into next year, and Perryman can continue to improve. A threesome of Feeva, Perryman, and Bosa playing to their potentials would warrant a big jump in these rankings next year.

Who would you rank as the current best three players on defense?