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Who will be the Chargers breakout player in 2016?

The BFTB staff tackles the question of who will be this year’s Denzel Perryman.

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Who will be the breakout player for the Chargers in 2016?

Last year Denzel Perryman, even as a 2nd round pick, came out of nowhere. When drafted there weren’t lofty expectations for him a year ago. Then out of nowhere mid-season, he got his shot and we all saw how well he played. So I asked the BFTB staff who is going to be that player this year? It can be someone like Perryman who is lurking under the radar that once he gets his shot shows that he is a baller. It can be a player that is already known but takes the next step. You call it. Here is what we came up with.

Matthew Stanley: For me I think it's gotta be Hunter Henry. Same feeling as Perryman last year, I really like the player, just wasn't too thrilled about where they took him. But I think he could really help open up this offense both with his blocking and pass catching. I think he will make the difference that we all kept waiting for Ladarius Green to make.

Gennaro: Call me crazy, but I think this year’s Perryman is going to be Kyle Emanuel. the only thing that kept him from being REALLY REALLY good last year were a couple of really nasty shoulder injuries. the chances of Ingram and Attaochu staying healthy all year is minimal, and I think Emanuel is the type to show a huge improvement after a year in the NFL.

Richard: I think this year's breakout player is going to be Corey Liuget. He has already been a good-to-very-good player, but with the additions of Brandon Mebane and Joey Bosa, opposing offenses won't be able to gameplan him out of existence. This is the year he puts up the kind of stats that are actually representative of his talent and performance.

Garret Sisti: It's Kyle Emanuel. His season was cut short by a shoulder injury but he put some muscle on his frame this offseason and that should help. Not only is he disruptive with his multitude of pass rush moves while also having active hands, he now has the capability of developing some real power moves as well.

Daniel Stebbins: want to say Darius Philon, but Baemanuel gets my vote as well. Think he separates himself from the "other" OLB's in camp/preseason and becomes a consistent part of the rotation. If (being optimistic... It is how things are in June) JA or YPC Mel can't stay healthy I think he shines.

Ruben Gonzalez: Tyrell Williams is my breakout player. The team says he's trending upwards and he’s got all the measurables you want. It seems he's one injury away from getting his chance.

KP: I’m a little surprised at the overwhelming love for Emanuel. He was a stud in the preseason but in the regular season, he was just a terrible tackler. He would beat his man or hold at the point of attack, and then whiff. He was a liability because of his tackling. I do agree with what the guys say about him, though.

I think I’m siding with Ruben here. I know it’s just minicamp, but Garrett mentioned how Tyrell Williams was getting a shot as WR2 last week with Travis Benjamin out. What’s important here is the fact that he’s getting a chance. They believe in him. He has a dimension unlike any other receiver on the roster. He might not be faster than Benjamin, but he can accelerate faster than him. I know he had the long TD in week 17 but there was a deep route where he was open late in the season against the Chiefs where I was like "wow, this dude can fly." He’ll have to be better with physicality, but assuming that there is an injury and he gets a permanent shot, Williams could be the deep threat the team has been missing. It’ll be interesting to see how his progression through the preseason.

Who do you think the breakout player will be for the Chargers in 2016?