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Dos and Don'ts for the remainder of the San Diego Chargers offseason

Kyle Posey lays out some guidelines for the Chargers to follow if they want to return to the playoffs.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Chargers have had a fine offseason so far, but there are still areas of the team that they need to address as well as facing some key decisions looming as we approach training camp. There are some do's and don't's that I feel like the team will have to do if they want to have a chance to make the playoffs.

Don't Keep 3 Quarterbacks

The roster just isn't deep or good enough to carry an extra quarterback that will bring nothing to the table for you on game day. I really don't care who the quarterback is. But we know there is going to be an injury along the offensive line or a depth issue in the front 7. You're setting yourself up for failure when you carry 3 QBs. Don't do it.

Do get Melvin Gordon involved in the passing game

There was a lack of creativity when it came to Gordon's usage last year. For whatever reason Frank Reich did not like the idea of getting Gordon in space. Whether it's a dump off over the middle, a screen, or just a simple swing route, you need to manufacture touches for Gordon in the passing game. Get him in situations where he can win 1-on-1 and can use his athleticism to beat defenders to spots.

Don't cut Sean Lissemore

I know many fans hate Lissemore and think he is the worst thing ever. He was acquired for a 7th round pick and was forced to play more than he should've. That's not on him. That speaks to the roster. Lissemore wasn't Jamaal Williams, but he wasn't that bad before he was over extended. He is a solid veteran defensive lineman that can play up and down the line of scrimmage. He is the perfect swing man that with the offseason additions should be back into a more suitable role. He should Ideally he backs up Liuget and Bosa when they need a breather.

Do cut Trevor Robinson

Amazing that this is still a thing. His salary and his performance are equivalent to paying a high school dropout with a couple of priors and felonies to be your HR director. It doesn't make sense. Neither does keeping Robinson.

Don't go into week 1 with the current safeties

Dwight Lowery is an adequate starter. Jahleel Addae is not. Darrell Stuckey has seemingly hit on every coaches daughter or done something to piss them off. Adrian Phillips is not great against the run and is just a guy at best. So unless McCoil or Jatavis Brown excel, safety is a problem. I get the argument that you're fine on the back end if you have a pass rush. There are going to be plenty of occurrences throughout the game where 1 of these safeties will be exposed in coverage. I'm guessing there will be veterans available after cuts, but the Chargers have to do something to upgrade this position. Too many missed tackles and blown coverages from this unit a year ago.

Don't be afraid to play the young guys

The Chargers are run like a 1970's company where the only way you advance in the company is if you have tenure. To hell with the young and upcoming charismatic genius who has brought more to the table in 1 meeting than the guy who has been here for eight years has combined. But hey, he works hard, and he's never late!

Whether it's the aforementioned safeties, Ryan Carrethers, the young LBs they drafted, or Tyrell Williams at WR. Just play your best players. It's simple. For example, we all know Williams can scoot; it takes about five plays of watching him to realize he's likely the fastest player on the field. If it's a situation like last year where guys just aren't getting separation, play him. Stretch the field. Compliment Allen and Gates. You can use these examples for several positions on the team, but it shouldn't take eight games to realize a player is bad. We shall see if this changes.

What else should the Chargers do/don't as we approach the start of the season?