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Poll Results: A playoff appearance would be a successful season

We briefly look at last week's poll results.

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Last week, we asked, "What is the minimum result you'd consider a success this season?" 47% of the 761 people that voted in the poll said they would consider simply making the playoffs a successful year. Another 22% would consider even less than that a success.

That's not a particularly big surprise given how terrible last year's team was and how strong the division looks to be going into 2016. Fully 14% of you will not consider anything short of a Super Bowl victory a success. Odds suggest that even with our relatively modest expectations, we are likely to be disappointed. Those saying Super Bowl or bust are even less likely to be happy, but it's mid-June now and there is, at least, hope.

Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll. And thank you to PacoGerte, Buck Melanoma, DepotStro, CaliforniaKiD, gmellos, By any Natrone Necessary, Maldamus, BoltWheat, BoltUp33, Bolts&Frogs_Fan, Uppercut, SDbob, ThoseMotherFlukers, SDNativeinTX, Overrated David, Boltricity, ThePowderBlues, ChargersandBeer, Controversysells, HIboltfan, Voice-of-Reason, Dan goutz, BigDaddyMatty, Mike Palazzolla, Inmisawa, and sgtbaker for participating in the discussion.

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