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Von Miller - "No Chance I play in 2016..."

Could the best defensive player in the AFC west hold out in 2016?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Joseph Barksdale's job may have just gotten a whole lot easier for at least 2 games in 2016.

Von Miller, who is probably the best defensive player in the AFC West, just posted to both instagram and twitter that he will not be playing in 2016 under the Franchise tag. Unless John Elway and the rest of the Denver Broncos' front office can sign Miller to a long term deal, they will be without him in 2016.

While the Chargers, and fans, have a slightly annoying "it's a business" situation with Joey Bosa skipping 2 days of minicamp, Von promising to skip the 2016 season is an instance where the "business" of player contracts could really help out.

Barksdale and Philip Rivers, and especially Mrs. Rivers, have got to be pretty happy about this. The Broncos are already having to deal with starting from scratch at the QB position, but now to also lose their best player on defense, and probably the whole team? This could really even out the AFC West and make for some good competition across all 4 teams.