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Should Chargers be interested in Ravens OT Eugene Monroe?

Monroe looks to be on his way out of Baltimore. Would he fit in San Diego?

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Eugene Monroe has been released since this was written.]

The Baltimore Ravens are apparently set on moving Eugene Monroe. They have gone so far as to keep him out of mandatory mini camp this week. John Harbaugh has publicly mentioned that teams are inquiring about Monroe and that is why he is not practicing.

You may or may not be familiar with Eugene Monroe as the medical marijuana guy. He wrote a post for the Players' Tribune on the subject in May. It is his belief that the team has been distancing themselves from him due to it.

There is also the matter of the $6.5 million in cap space they could free up by trading or releasing him. Oh, and he also has yet to practice since offseason should surgery. There's also the fact that he has missed five and ten games due to injury the last two seasons. The Ravens also sort of drafted his replacement with the #6 pick in the draft. That said, the #cannabis4pain campaign is clearly a motivating factor as well.

Well, we know why the Ravens are ready to say goodbye, but could he help the Chargers?

Monroe was a top-10 pick of the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 2009 NFL Draft. He was a solid starter for them until 2013 when they traded him mid-season to the Ravens. Injuries have sidelined him during his time in Baltimore, but he has been a quality player when on the field.

His base salary, which any team trading for him would be taking on, is equal to the cap space savings mentioned above. $6.5 million is not nothing, but the Chargers do have the cap room if they think he can contribute.

King Dunlap, as you all know, has missed significant time due to concussions. And unfortunately, concussions tend to only become more frequent and easier to sustain. There is no other left tackle on the roster that you should feel comfortable protecting Philip Rivers' blindside.

Monroe is a better pass blocker than he is a run blocker but in the modern NFL that's the preferred skillset for a left tackle. Unless his injuries have ruined him, he is still an above average left tackle, arguably an upgrade from King Dunlap rather than an insurance policy. Some have questioned Monroe's focus on football because of his medical marijuana activism, but there is no indication that those concerns have any merit. He is well known as a guy that takes good care of himself and monitors his weight. His football intelligence is also not in any doubt.

If he were to clear his medicals, he would seem to be a good fit. The question then becomes one of compensation. Ryan Clady was packaged with a 7th round pick to net a 5th. If that is the price for Monroe, it is certainly worth considering.