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Is 12 going to be the Chargers' favorite number?

USA Today broke down the 10 "scariest" offensive personnel groupings in the NFL. The Chargers made that list.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Chargers took Hunter Henry at the top of the second round and instantly upgraded the offense. As everyone's favorite BFTB writer Kyle already highlighted, Ken Whisenhunt should be running a healthy amount of 12 personnel.

According to the USA Today, that should scare opposing offenses.

You can find the full article here, but long story short, they give the Chargers the 10th scariest offensive skill player grouping when they run 12 personnel.

Keenan Allen, Antonio Gates, Philip Rivers, Danny Woodhead, Hunter Henry, and Travis Benjamin.

That is not only a highly skilled and athletic group, but an extremely versatile one. Henry and Woodhead give Whisenhunt and Rivers a TON of options out of this set. Meanwhile, Allen and Benjamin can make CB's look foolish.

This should be fun for all of us to watch, and as USA Today says, scary for whoever is trying to defend this group.