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Joey Bosa is not wrong for holding out

Contract negotiations between Joey Bosa and the Chargers are at an impasse.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Today the Chargers first round draft pick decided to not attend minicamp because of a standstill in contract negotiations.

The rumored sticking point in the discussions with Bosa's contract is the offset language. Bosa's camp wants no offset language meaning his entire four year contract would be paid in full even if the team releases him before his deal is up. That would also mean on the off chance that Bosa is released before the end of his contract he would receive money from the Chargers and the team he signed with.

All day there have been awful arguments made for why Bosa is to blame. I'm here to argue why he's not wrong for being a no-show at minicamp.

The "Bosa is selfish" argument

Dante Fowler Jr., the 3rd overall pick to the Jaguars last year, signed a deal with no offset language but Bosa is being selfish and asking too much? His agent is trying to get him the best deal possible, the NFL is a business. The rookie wage scale is pretty much set thanks to the most recent Collective Bargaining Agreement so Bosa doesn't have the opportunity to fight for more money but what he can fight for is the language in his contract and deferred bonus money. Though having no offset language isn't that common, it also isn't uncommon either. Bosa's only bargaining chip in negotiations is to not show up at minicamp and he's doing just that.

The "Bosa shouldn't worry about not panning out" argument

Most look at the guaranteed money side of the deal as a safeguard for if Joey Bosa is a bust but again his agent is trying to get his client the best deal possible. I have smoke alarms in my house but I don't plan on setting my house ablaze like Danny's son did to his kitchen in Bloodline. It's protection for if the worst happens and they are just trying to protect their investment.

The "He's a rookie just go out there and play" argument

Joey Bosa is essentially, not literally, playing for free. Bosa was at rookie minicamp and attended every practice up until last week. Telesco has praised him for his work ethic and others have swooned over his development since his first days at Chargers Park. So he has "gone out there and played" but excuse me if I don't blame a guy for wanting his paycheck before playing football. Plus you're even planning on how you're gonna clock out a half hour early today so let's not play that card. This is how the argument plays out in my head whenever I hear this way of thinking:

In a perfect scenario the Chargers would have every player practicing in minicamp whether it be a rookie or a veteran but this isn't that big of a deal. Player holdouts happen, Marcus Mariota had the same beef with the Titans last year before caving a couple of days before Training Camp. Bosa is missing three or four total practices before the team breaks for the summer and returns in July for Training Camp. Though not ideal, neither side is really to blame (right now). Both sides are doing what's best for each individual party but they'll need to find some common ground and hopefully that comes sooner rather than later.